Topo Map of the Big Loop

The actual boundaries of the Big Loop are marked by blazes on trees along the boundary. The blazes have been marked with the same color as indicated on the adjacent map.

Boundaries shown on the map for New York are accurate within the accuracy of the old stone survey monuments and the accuracy of my GPS at the time they were recorded.  The boundries shown for Pennsylvania are not as accurate on the map however, the actual boundaries are properly marked in with yellow blazes.

Please note that it is the guests' responsibility to know they are within the Big Loop Boundaries.  While several of the trails may leave the property, this does not imply that you have permission to be on the neighboring property.

Likewise, if you are hunting on the Big Loop Property it is your responsibility to know which state you are in when taking game.  Please be sure you are in the state for which you have a license as both the NY DEC and the PA Fish and Game officers are known to watch the area and have issued tickets for violations.


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